16. Mar 2016


Hjortebjerg A / S in positive development!

A recently approved 2014 financial statement for Hjortebjerg A/S, shows a great profit for the producer of pot plants and energy.

After a period in need of a consistent management, Hjortebjerg A / S has been led safely through the necessary process of high efficiency and restructuring. The result was a just completed positive 2014 account.
The process has resulted in a financial result of nearly 4 million. DKK. before tax and an equity of 3.1 million. DKK. which for a company of this size is very satisfaying. Hjortebjerg A/S has been brought into a new and efficient development, representing an optimistic picture for the future.

Two-pronged production

Hjortebjerg A/S is characterized by a two-pronged production.
In the first strand pot plants are produced. In the second strand the company produces energy.

String 1 – The pot plant production

Generally Spring 2014 was difficult for horticulture on the sales side. This term was also characteristic for Hjortebjerg A/S. The management therefore developed a new production strategy, which led to a rejection of traditional (former wellknown) Hjortebjerg cultures. Instead Hjortebjerg A/S extended their spring and summer range. A strategy that has proved economically beneficial.

Today there are 24 employees in the pot plant production, which is the primary production unit in Hjortebjerg A/S.

String 2 - Energy production

The production of energy takes place on two natural gas-fired heating plants, which represents the second production string in Hjortebjerg A/S.
The production of energy consists of the production and sale of electricity to the public electricity grid.
The energy production also has a positive contribution to the profit by reducing the total energy costs, as the cost of energy per. sold plant is reduced considerably.

The satisfaying finacial statement of 2014 for Hjortebjerg A/S has made it possible to agree on future financial coorporation with ’Sydbank’.
"Of course we are pleased that ’Sydbank’ after review of our financial statement confirms the positive development and therefore backs up on the budget for 2015".
The management expects that Hjortebjerg A/S will be able to deliver a result for 2015 that can match last year 2014.

02. Mar 2015

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. This website is meant as a tool for our trading partners, for an easy overview of our products. All pictures are uploaded in high resolution for downloading for your use. Under the menu ”downloads” you can also find our new catalouge and productsheets.

Our new catalouge and website are developed by Betina Rosenberg who is also the photographer of our products.

01. Mar 2015