The History of Gartneriet Hjortebjerg A/S

When founded 1933 Gartneriet Hjortebjerg was a small farm owned by the Thomsen-family, growing a variety of crops from tobacco to fruit. 3 brothers of the by now 3rd generation of the Thomsen-family are today the experienced management of the nursery, which focus on production of horticultural plants only.
Todays top-modern nursery Gartneriet Hjortebjerg A/S produces a broad assortment of pot plants for outside use in eg. gardens by summertime and for inside use all year round. The pot plant product range is adapted to the demand of mainly the European customers.

During the years the cultivated and grown crops of Gartneriet Hjortebjerg A/S have changed from being a very wide assortment into a very narrow, large scale production of only a few species. Today the tendency is again a demand on a wide assortment of pot plants. Therefore Gartneriet Hjortebjerg has lately turned-around the production and supplies a wide and deep assortment of pot plants.

The Vision and Passion of Gartneriet Hjortebjerg

The use of energy has always been of big concern to Gartneriet Hjortebjerg. Since the mid 1980ies the consumption as well as the production of energy has been dealt with professionally. Energy saving actions like: Climate control systems, isolating curtains and the establishment of natural gas based Heat & Power stations are accomplished. Politically attention has especially been given to our energy saving projects eg. the re-circulation of warm air from the nursery is heating up underground water, which is then stored and used for heating of pot plants, when heat is needed.

In brief the vision of the nursery Gartneriet Hjortebjerg is production of pot plans according to the requirements of the customers. And the passion of Gartneriet Hjortebjerg is the production of green energy and reduction of emissions related to the production of pot plants.